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The Creed

To produce this series of children's books, songs, animated projections, comic series, huggable dolls, and TV interstitials, we have assembled a first class team, affectionately known as The "BeeKeepers."

The BeeKeepers

Co-Creators: Rupert & Stevie

Exec Producer: Steven Kalinich
Songwriter, Poet, Artist, & Lyricist for Many Artists, Including The Beach Boys

Producer: Rupert Hitzig
Producer/Director Of Multiple Movies, TV Shows, Web Content, & Documentaries

Character Design: Robin Hall
Renowned Designer Of Major Theme Parks, Books, Exhibits, & a Top Artist In Today's Genre

Composer: Misha Segal
Prolific Composer Of Movies & TV & a Concert Pianist

Composer: Russ Landau
Composer Of Survivor & Countless Films & TV Projects